Nonsense written as in an appendix novel of a small provincial newspaper of the late nineteenth century.

This place is a dream

only a sleeper consider it real

Then death comes

like a dream

and you wake up


at what you though

was your grief



Barletta, City State, 22 November 2063

The captain, as they called him since he was a boy, had conquered his name on the street, he had never commanded an army, he had just come home in his little house overlooking the golden west beach, it was neither large nor luxurious but incredibly welcoming for a man alone and consumed by time like him.

The Great Laughter, as the cultural revolution that would change the world was called, began in the distant 2025, immediately after the Great Collapse of the National States that followed the last crisis that began with the Covid19 pandemic, had also changed the canons of architecture, indeed we had returned to the essence, simplicity, to a perfect balance between science and spirituality, as it had been at the beginning of the times.

Electromagnetic waves no longer disturbed, without television, smart phones, wifi, IOT, life had returned to human warmth, this did not mean that technology was no longer needed, it had simply been replaced by the essence of the revolution in the quantum field.

The little house contained a huge open space, empty and silent, with the large sofa in the center and the huge wall window placed in front of the golden beach overlooking the crystal clear Adriatic sea, it was a cold and clear moonless winter evening with a large window the stars seemed to touch each other.

The Captain was tired but serene, for the first time he had officiated the ayahuaska ceremony in his city, which had taken place in the cellars of the beautiful Federician castle and had aroused great wonder, on the other hand few in the world knew the epistemology of Uniscience as he.

The Captain had always been a restless soul, his innate curiosity and a constant sense of inexhaustible dissatisfaction had consumed most of his life in an unequal competition with himself, only in the last period of his life had he finally found peace , since his first meeting with Ivan, the Shaman of Florianopolis.

Today was his birthday and although the average life had passed the century, his life seemed to have lasted only a moment.

He was born a hundred years earlier on a very special day, November 22, 1963, the same day that three great personalities of the last century died, John Fritzgeral Kennedy, Aldous Xuley and CS Lewis, he knew all about them and he liked to caress idea how his life had been influenced by each of them, and perhaps it was because of this subtle influence, imperceptible, but that he knew for sure inside himself that he had dedicated the last twenty years to investigate, obsessively, without breath, the deepest ravines of his soul.

In life he had done many things, he had traveled the world, between ups and downs, as in an infinite race on the roller coaster, he had been a mechanical engineer in a large industry, he had brought the internet to his city, he had become the manager of a wine bar and a seller of used clothes in Estonia, he had closed his home for two years to obsessively study the great Austrian philosopher and economist Ludwig Von Mises during the Great Recession of 2008, he had co-founded an incubator of high-tech startups in Chile and Brazil for more of a decade, it had even been the heart of the revolution that would change the world, the Great Laughter, as it is called today, but never, never would have imagined ending up as a shaman in his hometown, the City State of Barletta!

The Captain had no children, he was alone, he had found serenity only as an old man, no woman had managed to steal his heart because he himself had never really known his heart, with time he understood and accepted that the search freedom had the price of this solitude, his freedom was irreparably written in his destiny.

It was almost night and while he was carefully ordering the fragrant olive branches in the old fireplace in front of the large window on this ever blacker moonless night, he still smiled, almost mockingly, now that the memory of how everything suddenly changed in that far March 2020, the year of Covid19, surfaced his mind, when he was sure that the Plan had reached the last act.

For at least five long years the Captain was considered a madman, for real and perhaps he thought so too, that laughter that he could no longer hold back and that never ended was only the last drop that made it overflow a vase that had been filling for at least thirty years, since he began to ask himself those questions that no one dared to ask.

Who are you?

He had experienced on his skin the madness and parody that had covered the world throughout his life, he was not unaware of it, as a boy he had had the opportunity to read Renè Guènon, and then the 1999 Internet bubble, the towers twins in 2001, the subprime crisis in 2008, the Covid19 pandemic, the Great Collapse of 2025 and finally the Great Laughter …

And so that subtle and mocking smile turned into a deep shiver that crossed his entire back when reappeared in hid mind, indiscriminately, all the unspeakable sufferings that he had to undergo for years due to the “hospitalization” in the old civic correctional asylum of the nearby city of Bisceglie.

All for an unstoppable laugh that never ended …

“What an irony!” — he thought,

just this year the same pandemic had occurred, the Covid63, it was incredibly similar to that of forty years earlier, the Covid19, this time it had been brought by a bat and not by a laboratory error as happened in China, as it has been called that vast area of ​​Asia that would have been swept away like the whole world by the Great Laughter.

Today the “materialistic” science had become simply useless, there was simply nothing more to discover, the revolution of quantum physics, slowly, had made its way up to touch and join the essence of our soul, compassion and love.

We had finally proved, even scientifically, to be one.

It was more than twenty years now that no case of illness had been registered, Uniscience had put an end to both the physical and psychological sufferings of the imbalance between mind and heart.

There was no longer a single city state in the world that still had a hospital in operation!

Those few hospitals who remained had been restored only to be adapted as a museum as a warning of human madness, just as it had been done for prisons and stadiums, there was no longer violence and competition but only cooperation and sharing.

Barletta, his city, how beautiful his city had become!

Unrecognizable from that decadent, chaotic, dirty, of that distant 2020, it was almost not believed it was the same city!

Today Barletta is one of the most beautiful and richest city states in the world, with a per capita income even higher than 20 bitcoins per year!

“Ah! Bitcoins!” — he smiled

Who would have believed that it would become the only currency in a harmonious exchange between all the city states of the world!

Who would have believed that nations and passports would disappear in so few years!

And who could have imagined that the world would become a constellation of City States, there were more than one hundred and fifty thousand among the five continents of the world, without wars, governments, bureaucracy, politics, armies, central banks and how everything was regulated from below, by the exchange of free and independent men!

The Captain kept smiling to himself, how could all this have happened in just thirty years?

Yet these thoughts still aroused a deep sense of surprise, the contrast with his long past was still present, alive, and so, as every evening, he lit his marijuana pipe which he jealously cultivated in his small garden together with the other plants medicines of which he had now become a great connoisseur, he poured a small dose of ayauaska into his small wooden glass, a gift from Ivan, he placed the stylus of his old record player on the vinyl record and slowly started playing in the background, sank on the comfortable sofa and while he let himself be hypnotized by the bright fire that snapped from the fireplace, he closed his eyes and slowly his memories became more alive, Barletta at the time of Covid19 became real, as if it were today … (continues)

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