Reñaca, Chile, I love you too !

I can feel it right now, it was very clear, it was physical, I was walking, alone, in a wonderful winter night in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia, my city for the previous four years, it was very late on some day in February of 2007. It was a very clear, dark sky and the contrast between the white and the silence of the snow, which was everywhere in abundance, and the dark of the night was staggering!

Tallin old town

In that particular moment I had a strange feeling, that the city was literally mine. It was part of me. I had never experienced such a feeling before in my life, this deep love for a material thing like a whole old town!

I felt that I was and always will be there, and, believe me, I don’t know if you have ever had such experience, but it was an extraordinary, beautiful, and an infinite moment of my life.

In that moment I thought I will never love another city like you, my old Tallinn!

Almost ten years have passed and I am writing this post from my office at Exosphere, here, in Chile, from where I can look at the beautiful shore of the Renaca beach, just a few kilometres away from Valparaiso, on the Pacific Coast.

In a few days, I am moving to Florianpolis, Brasil, for a new, exciting chapter of my life and I am thinking about these six years of my incredible adventure here in Chile. I came here completely broke, penniless and hopeless, after another big failure, almost as if I had played the last card of my life.

Yesterday I was enjoying my daily walk to this wonderful seafront which unites Renaca and Vina del Mar when, suddenly, I had to stop as I felt completely immersed in this deep feeling of love like that night in Tallinn. Again!

This time for the wonderful contrast of the white and blue of the Ocean with the gold of the sand on the beach.

I felt that you are my city Renaca and I love you too !

It is the second time now, in those feelings there are hundreds of moments, experiences, full of both pain and joy, there is a lifetime inside them!

I arrived here in Chile in the darkest moment of my life almost six years ago and now I feel serene as never in my life, thank you Chile, you will always be in my hart !

See you soon Florianopolis, I am coming and I am going to love you too, I feel it !

My favorite corner, i come here every morning
The best caffe in Valpo
Sunset at the dunes in Reñaca
Every day there is a different and unique sunset in Reñaca
Also the sky is unique and different
Sunstet in autumn
Sunset from my room

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Founder of The Ark Lab