Please dont take a corporate job!

dont trust their smile pictures, its fake!

Last monday I received an unexpected facebook message from an old friend of my “past” life in the corporate world, i have not heard from him at least two decades !

We were hired together at the beginning of the nineties in the Snia Bpd, the then chemical company of the FIAT corporation, we were very young , both of us were at first job experience after the master in mechanical engineering, we had our whole life ahead !

Then, after few years, our lives divided: I decided that to be an employee was not for me, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, meanwhile my friend decided to keep following the corporate world

So, after almost twenty years, today we are going to meet , I cant wait, how many things we have to share!

How many things have happened in my life in the last twenty years : the first internet company in South Italy, the internet bubble, the IPO, the bankruptcy, the way out of Italy, London, the wine bar in Estonia, two years sabbatical to study Austrian Economic School, Chile and now Exosphere.

Wow! In just twenty years!

And it seems centuries have benn passing since when i was working with my old friend in the FIAT Group, how strange is the time!

And to him? What happened in his life over the past twenty years ?

I was very excited and curious to share our experiece of life

We met for dinner in one of the best restaurant in Santiago, he was with a couple of his collegues and with his top boss…

and I cant believe how it went !

As we met he was very formal, almost cold, he even didnt hug me !

I was immediately presented his colleagues and of course the boss first and then we sat down to begin to talk about issues of little consequence, we didnt even any second to mention our past, our experience, our life !

I didnt talk with him at all, and he ended almost any reference when i was trying to ask something about his life, experiece and so on.

No! He could not!

Even if he met in the other side of the world an old friend with whom he shared many years of his youth, he was still at a dinner with the fucking top boss!

And he has to follow the etiquette of such things : basically laugh at the stupid things said by the boss and be serious and make sensible comments when he put on the table more serious topics, and me?

I was in complete silence…shoked!

Everything was terribly false and boring there, then I started to detach myself from this surreal situation and, like a ghost starting to move away from his body, I started to watch this fascinating scene from outside:

a group of people who are bored to death, reciting an unwelcome part assigned to them by someone else !

Only then I realized very clearly what I had been lucky to have chosen not to pursue a career in the big corporation, now I could be one of them sitting in that table…

After twenty years, sadly, my friend has nothing to share with me!

Probably he has a safe life, a safe salary, a safe family and a great boring life and this has just killed his soul and, believe me, I could see very clearly all this just in front of my eyes

Please, dont take a corporate job !

Its fake! Its a fake life!

It makes your life too safe, too predictable, too boring, at Exosphere, the learning and problem-solving community which I co-funded here in Chile, we love those words of Nassin Taleb :

The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary

And as Ralph Waldo Emerson says in Self-Reliance :

To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that genius

Please, dont take a corporate job!

Don’t become addicted to a monthly salary and learn instead how to follow your genius

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Founder of The Ark Lab

Founder of The Ark Lab