Barletta, 22 November 2020

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone (Blaise Pascal)

He medidated deeply, his eyes closed, his long and regular breathing, his face turned towards the sea, his back straight on the old white leather chair worn by the sun and the salt, he had found it by chance just in the middle of the beach, as God had put it, or the Infinite Source, or the love of the universe

“Whoever you are ! Thanks!!” he thanked in a low voice

He had found it at the end of his daily walk along the west beach where the sand meets the stones at the mouth of the Ofanto river, a real throne that reigns over the sea in front of it.

The autumn sun was still warm, already low behind him, the Captain was silent in the company only of the breeze and the breaking of the small waves, as every day for many months now he had had to struggle with himself and with the madness of the world to win the checkpoints of the police, of the carabinieri and even of the finance police, the drones, the helicopters and even the mobile phones of the neighbors, very dangerous, a photo posted on the social network could be paid dearly, very dearly.

There were no older people and children in the city, only silence and fear.

The game had become dangerous, very dangerous, despite the fear everything seemed resolved after the first wave of Covid19 between March and June had passed away.

The second wave had been devastating, very hard, the situation had precipitated immediately, at the first sign of an increase in infections and the first deaths panic had started, a very rapid blackfire, everything had been closed and this time the orders had been peremptory, zero tolerance, the fear of the experience of the first wave had never stopped hatching under the ashes.

Yet he expected, they never stopped saying that sooner or later the second wave would come, and that only the vaccine would win the pandemic.

“The Plan, this Plan is truly brilliant!” — he thought

“It will not be a war or a new and violent financial crisis to produce the Great Reset, to finally reshuffle the cards.

A virus! A fucking virus!

Who will be to blame for this devastating economic crisis?

Of a virus! Of a fucking virus! Of bad and violent nature!

And who else to blame? Brilliant! “- It all seemed so clear now!

There was a real curfew, there was the arrest and conviction of the new SHC, the Special Health Court, for up to 30 years in prison for those who spread news that was not endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

It was the most serious crime, politically correctness was now considered essential for public order and morals.

There was immediate jail even for those caught outside the home, on the other hand the reason was evident :

any behavior that directly or indirectly could cause the spread of a pandemic had been approved as Crime of Provoked Massacre

The PSGE had been declared throughout Europe, the Permanent State of General Emergency, which provided for the postponement sine die of each new election, the cancellation of the council of ministers of all countries and full powers to a STCC, Scientific Technical Central Commettee, composed of the Prime Minister, chosen and appointed by the President of the Republic of each country, assisted by five scientists chosen from the most important universities, in Italy the chosen universities had been the Polytechnic of Milan and Turin, La Sapienza of Rome, University of Bologna and The Federico II University of Naples.

It governed with TSP, technical-scientific protocols, that had immediate application and the force of state law.

All this had been requested by popular acclaim!

There had been no resistance, the approval for the new political and economic organization in every country of Europe had reached 90%, any weak opposition, even venial, was immediately reported as an attack against the politically correct, there was a risk of heavy fines and up to five years in prison for repeat offenders.

All communications were subject to a rigorous control algorithm constantly updated by the Political-Scientific Technical Committee.

This new form of permanent political emergency organization was now in force all over the world, it had already been proposed by the World Health Organization in harmony with the UN and the International Monetary Fund on the occasion of the first wave of contagion, now it had been implemented by the the start of the second wave in every country in the world with the Great Powers such as China, Russia and the United States of America acting as leader.

Most of the small and medium enterprises had not already made it to the first wave, the reopening had only lasted a few months and in any case with a suffocating policy of safety regulations combined with the total absence of consumer demandalmost all of them had had to close definitively, and so that semblance of market economy had been replaced by a centralized economy directed by a great director, the Scientific Technical Central Committee, followed by large private companies that had been saved with an incredible injection of public money together with most of the public ones.

All these companies present in this centralized economy had been defined as vital companies, they were exclusively concerned with producing the necessary subsistence needs for the whole nation.

Creativity seemed to have disappeared suddenly from all over the world.

The liberal professions no longer existed, they had been replaced by a central bureaucracy assisted by a central system of artificial intelligence.

Surviving and not getting sick were the priorities of the new policy.

The current currency had remained the euro, it was distributed by the European Central Bank directly to the current accounts of all citizens who owned the Tax Code and had at the same time no slope with justice and tax authorities, practically for all those who had behaved correctly there was the universal income of citizenship, amounted to about two thousand euros per month.

Those who had slopes had only the black market to survive.

As a consequence an important black market of all kinds was born and was developing exclusively in bitcoin, it was mostly managed by organized crime but it had also expanded to an important group of former professionals.

Those so-called illegal activities had grown exponentially, in fact there was no longer even the distinction between criminal and honest, only courage and fear made the difference between the “correct” or “not correct” behaviour.

Consumer prices were constantly growing, the inflation rate had reached 10% on an annual basis in the last month!

The “correct” social life took place exclusively online, sports, cinema and theater were performed behind closed doors, netflix was free, a huge effort had been made to complete the 5G infrastructure worldwide with an impressive installation of tens of millions of antennas and coverage of over 10 thousand satellites.

The “incorrect”, clandestine social life had grown exponentially, restaurants, bars, betting rooms, marijuana club, gambling dens and even “dating” houses had practically exploded in private apartments.

The Captain was fifty-seven that day, as happened to him every year someone on the radio had remembered how today was the same day in which the President JFK was assassinated.

“Fuck! Another year has passed! What a strange life! “
“It seems to live in a dystopia !!
“Not even Orwell would have imagined it this way and it is really happening!”
“I can not believe it! Right here in this little city of mine forgotten by the world!
And so quickly! “

No, he couldn’t believe it, everything had happened too quickly, the first news from China, the first cases in Bergamo in February, the panic, the constant terror on television, the show of military trucks that carried the coffins at night, the lockdown, the paradoxical “protocols” of behaviour, the almost complete collapse of the economy, and then the second wave! Expected and feared, the coup de grace, and now this Permanent State of General Emergency, this crazy curfew, just like in a fucking war!

“But who has ever seen a war! Could it have become so surreal? “

Even today he had managed to get to his beach, he was tough, but until when?

What was the meaning of all this?

Who’s in charge?”

The Captain knew it , he had always known it, everything has a cause, a principle, he knew very well how the ability of critical, logical, creative thinking had long been undermined, scientifically.

“It is the oldest of wars, good against evil. Exploiter and exploited. Master and Slave. That’s all the Plan! This last madness can only be the Plan! “

-he almost smiled to himself for that subtle pleasure that accompanies the intuition of the truth-

He knew about the Plan, he knew he had no names, they were not needed, but he had the certainty of his existence, he had known for years of his inevitability.

He knew of the immense suffering he would cause.

He knew it was going to be tough, tough.

At that moment, he had just turned fifty-eight, he knew that a new adventure, this time very tough and decisive, was inevitable

The Plan saw it in all its synthesis and clarity, as written on a white sheet:

The Plan
- Central World Technocracy
- Eradication of Critical Thinking

- Eradication of any diseas by the ultimate vaccine
- Universal Basic Income

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