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the etymology of the word means trust.

If you dig inside you will find a bottomless well, a black well, infinite,

it will be hard, very hard,

but it is the only true purpose of life.

To meet your masks, your fears, your shame, the most unmentionable,

up to despair, when there is no more hope,

when you just have to give up.

You will be able to stay on the surface forever, your whole life,

but in the end you too will go to the bottom,

if it were the last moment of your life, it is indispensable.

And then there is only one way, to have faith, to trust in jumping down,

without defenses, fear will be your only companion,

you will trust you,

only then you will find the light, your light,

you will forgive you,

and you will laugh.

Founder of The Ark Lab

Founder of The Ark Lab